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You will be financing through a Auto Loan finance company, There is No in-house financing available

----To be approve for auto loan you must bring in::

--Proof of income-- 1 month or more on the job current pay stub, or SSI income

--Proof of residence--utlitity bill or bank statement with name on it with your current address

--Must have a Valid Driver License

--Must provide 3 reference, name address, number

--have to obtain auto insurance on your vehicle after being approved


---Down payment are a estimate for lower credit score and no credit score applicant; good credit score applicant may put a lesser of down payment toward a vehicle that you like to purchase..

----We accept  car Repossession applicants,,  

If you have car repossession an is it with the same auto loan lender that  RB Motors  has we would not be able to finance you.

----No financing if you have suspended driver license

To get  pre-qualification have your mobile phone in desktop mode  and click  here ⬇️

Or if you having trouble getting pre approval you can

Complete a credit app print and email it to [email protected] ,, click below ⬇️

RB Motors

3805 Florin Rd #1014

Sacramento CA 95823


[email protected]

Open 7 days 9am to 6:30pm  by appointments