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Update 01/18/22

Welcome to RB Motors!! 

Here you will find the Best Deals in town in our used cars inventory!

We Have a variety of transportation vehicle from economy cars, trucks, van, suv, luxury and sport vehicle. 

"""All taxes, registration and fees are included in final sale price

Financing is  available, click on  the (contact us section) for more information and to get a pre-qualified for one of our vehicle

Looking forward to doing business with you!

please contact us if you find a vehicle you are interested in.

Call/text (916) 905-4595 or (916)2741632  for an appointment!

email: [email protected]

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Thank you very much for visiting RB Motors!

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2002 GMC Yukon XL 212k miles, A/T 27 mpg , CD player ac and heat, cloth interior, seat 8 passengers, smog clean title, 12/21 tags

 Forsale  $4200 or $1500 dwn $200 mth for 24 mths

2008 Cadillac CTS 125k miles  A/T, 27 mpg, V6, A/T ac and heat, Built in DVD , navigation screen, double sunroof, smog, 3/22 tags For sale $5900  $2000 dwn $200 mth for 35 mths

Sold-& 2005 Toyota Highlander 

2011 Nissan Sentra 195k mile , A/t, 34mpg, 4cyl, ac and heat, CD player, cloth interior, Clean title, smog, 12/2022 tags

 For sale $3600 or $1000 dwn $200 a mth for 23mths

Sold--2006 Chevy Equinox 

2005 Scion TC 220k miles A/T 33mpg Ac and heat, CD player Cloth interior, panorama Sunroof, Pwr window and locks, Pass smog, 7/2022 tags, well kept

For sale $3500

Sold 2003 Jeep Liberty 149k  miles 

2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Super chargeSS 40 year. Anniversary 135k miles, V6, A/T. Supercharger, A.c. and heat, cd player Leather interior ,Nice chameleon Paint change 5 colors, 26' wheels, clean title For sale $5500

No financing--

2009 Volkswagen Jetta 157k miles, 5cyl, A/T, ac and heat CD player leather interior, sunroof clean title, pass smog,  3/22 tags $4600 or $2500dwn  $200mth for 16mth

2005 Lexus es330 220k miles V6 A/T,  ac and heat, CD player, leather interior, pass smog, clean title, 6/2022, For sale  $4200

2002 Mercedes Benz C320, 111k miles, A/T V6, 26 mpg, 

ac and heat,  CD player, sunroof, leather interior ,

 clean title pass smog, 2/2022 tags 

For sale  $4300 or $2000 dwn $200 a mth for 13 mths

2012 Dodge Caravan  crew 150k miles, A/T, V6, ac and heat, CD player, Bluetooth, cloth interior, seat 7, automatic sliding door, 7/2022 tags For sale  $6200 or $1000 dwn $200 mth for 48mths

Sold 2001 Toyota Camry 

Sold  2007 BMW 750Li 214k 

2012 Hyundai Elantra 165k miles, A/T, 4cyl, 33 mpg, ac and heat, CD player, cloth interior, clean  title, 5/22 tags 

For sale $5000 or $1000 dwn $210 mth  for 38mths

Sold--2005 KIA Sorento  

Sold 1999 Volkswagen Beetle

2007 Ford Focus ZX4 134k. Miles, 4cyl, A/T ac and heat CD player,, cloth interior, Pwr window and locks, smog, clean title, 3/22 tags

For sale $3500 or $1800 dwn  $200mth for 12mths

2001 Mitsubishi Montero sport 190k miles V6 A/T, 4x4 ac and heat, CD player,

cloth interior, pass smog clean title, 6/2022 tags

For sale $3000 or best offer no financing

Sold -2002 Subaru Outback--